Mahesh Kathi sings Lord Sri Rama Bhajan

rp_mahesh-kathi-174x300-1-174x300-174x300-1-174x300-174x300-1-174x300.jpgAfter Telangana police put a ban film critic Mahesh Kathi from entering Hyderabad for 6 months, Mahesh seems to be a completely different person.

The Hyderabad police issued orders not to enter Hyderabad without their consent. But Mahesh is ready to fight this decision legally. To this end, he has also appointed a lawyer.

Surprisingly, He also started singing Bhajan of Lord Sri Rama, he posted a video on his youtube channel. Kathi Mahesh First time respond on expelled from Hyderabad city, he said he was in Karnataka and he is safe.

He alleged that the issue was a non-issue which was made into an issue. He would proceed legally. My life is connected to Hyderabad as a film critic. The order of the police will not be accepted by me. No one has the right to take off my livelihood.