Mahesh Kathi runs out of TV studio

mahesh-vivekTollywood critic Mahesh Kathi becomes a victim of a crazy counter-attack from Tollywood director Vivek, which made this controversial critic to leave the TV studio.

Mahesh Kathi was called for a discussion on Mahaa TV news channel where A director and writer from TFI, Vivek has blown Kathi Mahesh brain with a stunning question and made him leave the TV studio.

Vivek asked Mahesh Kathi to tell about his mother saying “Your mother would be a great lady ” , Mahesh rightly said, “I am not going to tell”. Vivek said “When You can peep into other’s personal life why can’t we ask about your mother? She would definitely be a good lady and we want to know about her.”

Without any second thoughts, Mahesh Kathi ran away from the TV studio even though he was requested to stay in the studio.