Mahesh Kathi once again criticise Pawan Kalyan

Mahesh-Kathi--PawanFilm analyst Mahesh Kathi once again criticised actor Pawan Kalyan in an interview to a news channel.

He said that he has asked Pawan Kalyan to come forward and respond when his fans threatened him in the past. However, Pawan Kalyan, who always wanted to be in a safe zone, never responded. This tells Pawan Kalyan’s mentality.

Mahesh also criticised Jabardhast standup comedian Hyder Adi for his body-shaping jokes on him in the comedy show. He also demanded Pawan Kalyan respond to the criticism in the Jabardasth show.

Mahesh Kathi accused that Pawan Kalyan is encouraging the unruly acts of his fans. He said Pawan did not even condemn the things that his fans were doing and keeping himself in mute mode. He criticized Pawan Kalyan for saying that he does not know what his fans are doing.