Mahesh Kathi face nervous moments in Press meet

rp_mahesh-kathi-174x300-1-174x300-174x300.jpgCritic Mahesh Kathi faced some nervous moments when he faced media representatives at Somajiguda Press club in Hyderabad.

Mahesh Kathi who claims to be fighting for his self-respect, reached the press club on Sunday morning at 11 am, was waiting for Pawan and Poonam Kaur for 10 minutes.

During this time, Media journo slapped series of questions to Mahesh Kathi. They questioned. “How do you blame Pawan Kalyan if someone comments on social media platform?” , How will Pawan Kalyan answer your questions? Do you ever think of your stature? If you criticise PM Modi, Do you want Modi to respond ?. Why do you make personal allegations against Pawan Kalyan if his Fans attack you? You striving for popularity targetting Pawan, don’t you?. If you have all proofs over your personal allegations on Poonam, You should give to press”.

In Reply Mahesh Kathi slammed at media journos, “I am not here to answer your questions. Media should ignore me, why channels are entertaining me? I know my limits and I am also done journalism. If you lack patience, Ignore me”.