Mahesh Kathi buys peace from Pawan Kalyan fans

maheshThe Tollywood critic Mahesh Kathi buys peace after four months from Pawan Kalyan fans by withdrawing the complaint against PK fans who attacked him with Eggs.

After registering a police complaint against the miscreants who attacked him , he decided to withdraw the complaint after Jana Sena issued a letter, urging fans to refrain from reacting against their leader.

Now Kathi Mahesh tweets are protected only his confirmed followers will be able to see his tweets. Interestingly He has put an end to this controversy just before Pawan Kalyan announced his political tour. He also wished a success for PK.

Kona Tweeted, I should also thank Kathi Mahesh for coming forward to end this issue forever…good luck with ur career man 👍 please don’t get instigated by any false comments or videos further.. if anyone try, they are the enemies of PK .. trust me ! But fight is not over my friends.. @PawanKalyan would be facing many more hurdles in reaching his goal.. If ur a true well wisher of him, maintain peace and balance.. u represent his ideologies and give confidence to society that ur a reflection of his character 🙏