Mahesh Kathi blasts out at Pawan Kalyan

maheshCritic Mahesh Kathi today blasted out at actor Pawan Kalyan at the Press Club media interaction.

He said, He was personally targetted by Pawan Kalyan fans who abused him, his wife and his mother and also called them Maniac while dubbing Pawan Kalyan as a political broker.He was expecting some statement from the actor but after January first he has no such expectations. He is fighting for his self-respect and would go to any levels.

He alleged that writer Kona Venkat has threatened him to stop calling him a psycho. He wanted a solution for this problem. He also said a fan from America has threatened to chop his hands and legs.

He said there is no backing for him or carrying no political agenda. He alleged a secret relationship between Poonam Kaur and Pawan Kalyan. He shouts 6 questions at Poonam Kaur after she defended Pawan Kalyan. He said Poonam can file a defamation case against him and he has all proofs in hand.