Mahesh hurting girls !!

The makers from the beginning made statements that Super Star Mahesh Babu ‘Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ is a film which is about values and relationships. But the makers failed to keep their word when it comes to show up the same in the film.

A dialogue in the movie has some naughty shade. Mahesh Babu in Gadavari slang says “Ee Madhya Naa Time Ento Naake Artham Kavatledu… Chusina Rendu Nimishalake Padipothundi Prathideenu…” ( I wonder My time is runnig good..Every girl is falling flat in 2mins). while the fans say Mahesh is handsome and all girl fall flat. but the other side believe Mahesh sarcastically hurting girls treating them cheep.

No wonder after movie release this might became a feed for TV channel and women organisations as they already upset with Prince for his dialogues in Dookudu(Pittamokam) and in Kaleja .