Mahesh Babu’s battle against Pawan Kalyan’s Tsunami

Mahesh Babu known for his media management once again in limelight with channels airing special sippets to promote and rescue him from Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh Tsunami.

For last 3 days Gabbar Singh is the only topic of discussion for every one as it has created a tsunami in every ones mind. This Tsunami has flooded  tollywood. All top heroes image was washed away including  Mahesh babu . As a damage control measure to divert the mind set of public, Some of the media friends came for  resue to overcome this situation by planting special stories that elevate Mahesh’s image . That is what can be seen in Telugu TV channels for past 2 days , Till now channels that were silent about Mahesh Babu suddenly plunge into action on war foot basis aired Mahesh Babu based specials programs. A popular English daily wrote a article about Boxoffice with Mahesh Babu’s big size photo avoiding other heroes photos has tried very much to make people remember that Mahesh Babu and his movie Businessman still exists .

What for Mahesh  Babu doing all this ?.  Mahesh Babu the brand ambassador of many companies, who is always under pressure to keep up his image  and market, as his recent Thumbsup Ad at national level was a utter flop and his reputation touched the ground. At the same time Pawan Kalyan’s entry as Gabbar Singh over shadowed his image and Ad agencies  looking at Pawan Kalyan as an alternative. Evidently Pawan Kalyan used to be brand ambassador  for Pepsi and Mahesh doesnot want any one to enter his zone  as Ad’s fetches him more income . But when Tsunami arrives nothing lasts as  it takes away every thing …..Pawan Kalyan’s  tsunami has already started.

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