Mahesh Babu to use glamour babes to woo

As per the source,Director Sukumar is planning for a song on Mahesh Babu in his upcoming film which could well go down as the costliest song in Tollywood so far. As per the source ,Mahesh Babu will be seen with 500 top models for his introductory song .The models are being flown in from Mumbai. “It would be a trendsetting number in more ways than one,” said a crew member of the untitled film.

 Apart from 500 pretty models, 500 boys also feature in the number alongside Mahesh in elegant costumes. Sukumar is also planning to use decorative sets to add glamour to the thumping tune composed by Devisriprasad. Sukumar’s exciting concept and choreographer Prem Rakshit’s innovative moves will sure be going to ensure a rocking number. The source also added that the producers have shelled out Rs 2.5 crore for this chart buster. “I can’t talk about money, but we have spent a good amount on this song. We intend to dish out another lavish production on a much bigger scale than Dookudu,” said Gopinath Achanta, one of the producers.Does this glamour mantra  woo the audience is a million dollar  question?