Mahesh Babu to return part of Remuneration

Mahesh-BabuBrahmotsavam-1According to latest buzz, Actor Mahesh Babu has agreed to return a part of his remuneration to compensate the losses incurred by Brahmotsavam distributors.

Mahesh Babu’s Brahmotsavam Distributors have faced huge losses on the film, particularly the Nizam and overseas.

Nizam distributor has reportedly suffered more than 50% loss and Producer PVP is in touch with Abhishek Nama and assured to compensate everyone who incurred losses.

In Overseas, the buyers took a big blow as the film right were sold for a bomb price of 13 crre and the breakeven was around 3.5 Million USD , while the movie has grossed only 1.1 Million USD.

Mahesh Babu assured to return his remuneration like he did during Aagadu , Mahesh reportedly got 18 crore as remuneration and 7 crore as Table profit as producer ..Total 25 crore on the project.