Mahesh Babu Thumbsup Ad Response

Taking advantage of the current Asia Cup Cricket, popular brand Thums Up has started airing their new commercial shot on mahesh babu. While the expectations on this ad were high in Andhra Pradesh (especially among Prince Fans) but unluckily National interest seems to be quite low as no where the response was kicking and satisfactory. While Akshay Kumar, the previous Brand Ambassador has done dare devil stunts jumping from heights…similar was ‘Toofani’ act by mahesh babu. Difference is, in most of the occasions these stunts are shot using body double and the voice dubbed for Prince was missing in punch.

For all those North audience unaware of Telugu Super Star, definite question to pop out watching Thums Up promotional ad would be…‘Who is this new face?’  In simple, mahesh babu’s first National Level assignment is missing in magic… ‘Aaj Kuch Toofani Naa Kar Sakhe…’