Mahesh Babu son dances for ‘Saar Ostara……..Ostara’

Mahesh Babu may well be a cut-throat don in ‘Businessman’ or a tough cop in ‘Dookudu’ but at home, he is the most doting father one can see. There have been many instances revealed by cine folks wherein Mahesh bonds with his son Gautam big time and thinks the whole world of him. Now, a news from Mahesh household is that Gautam is growing fast and his latest act has been catching the interest of the family. Buzz is that Gautam has been dancing for the song ‘Saar Ostara…’ whenever he sees that on TV or listens to it on radio. A staff member from Mahesh’s household revealed that Gautam seems to have a penchant for dance. While his moves are grabbing the attention, Mahesh from his end is reportedly beaming with pride. However, as reported earlier, it is heard that Gautam would be off the limelight for quite a while and his father will be busy ruling the Tollywood circuit till such time. For now, it is his dance and the song ‘Saar Ostara…’ which are rocking.