Mahesh Babu is Pride of our Tollywood

Telugu film industry is looked down as just one of the simple regional film industries with nothing big to mention. This was the scenario till yesterday. Advent of new generation heroes and their bringing of exceptional outcomes at BO these days have gifted special status to our Tollywood. Why not, this is not an exaggeration but true in spirit that even Bollywood and Hollywood are beckoning before our films for their commercial potentiality.

Firstly it was Chiranjeevi in past generation who made entire India to realize the actual capacity of a Telugu product…may it be budget wise or concerned business wise. Coming to current breed, definitely mahesh babu stood as front runner becoming a beacon for other heroes to increase the trade viability of our films. It was first ‘Pokiri’ then followed by ‘Dookudu’ and then average products like ‘Khaleja’ or ‘Businessman’ faring equivalent to a hit movie is an authentication of how big Prince has grown and how big our hero worshipping has developed. Today, Telugu movies have become Million Dollar earners in overseas market and all credits to Mahesh who can be easily judged as Pride of Telugu cinema for his fantastic achievements in recent one decade. Now, do we need to really speak even on the subject of National and International Brand Endorsements.