Mahesh Babu is not just Humble actor but Hardworking

rp_Mahesh-babu-254x300-254x300-254x300-1-254x300-1-254x300-254x300-1-254x300-1-254x300.jpgActor Mahesh Babu is not just a Humble actor but also a Very hardworking actor, who has the passion and dedication towards cinema.

Despite chilling temperatures, the actor has been working during the nights, for the last couple of days in Hyderabad for Murugadoss film.

Mahesh Babu was spotted at a building near Hitec City during the nights. The shooting went on till 3 am to shoot key scenes.

The unit will leave to Ahmedabad after Hyderabad’s schedule. The film will go to post production after Ahmedabad schedule.