Mahesh Babu’s ‘Surya Bhai’ is brand ICON for Telangana Youth !!

Prince Mahesh Babu seems to be the most influence star in Telangana especially in Warangal,Hanamkonda & Kazipet.  His craze among youth is very extraordinary after Businessman release.

Mahesh who donned a gangster role with a brand name “Surya Bhai” in Businessman movie became a role model for all lazy youth of these tri cities.  With Surya Bahia effect all these fainéants started setting up their own settlements companies with brand name like “King of Kings”,”SSSS”,”gangstar’…etc  and donning a gangster role in doing settlements right from family problems between husband & wife to civil disputes like land settlements.

With the police stations handing out boards like “Civil disputes will not be entertained” , These gangs created a mafia  like situation in these tri cities  forming a syndicates among them and having a great understanding among them. They also maintaining offices with names and logos and employees with ID cards and stickers on their bikes.

While the police are in hands up state, They say they are unable to handle the civil cases, While the public say it all started with Mahesh Babu’s Businessman influence and youth are looking this type of culture as career, Mahesh has said in his movie “Live with some goal in his movie and not to listen to any one especially any human”. And youth are blindly following him with a goal to become gangsters. At least one can say now movies can inspire youth.