Mahesh Babu is better perfectionist than Aamir Khan

mahesh-aamirMahesh Babu’s upcoming film Srimanthudu director Koratala Shiva claims that Mahesh Babu is better perfectionist than Bollywood star Aamir Khan.

As part of film promotions, Koratala spoke to press. He said, Mahesh Babu is not just a commercial star , but has a new dimension in him as an actor. He said, Mahesh character in the film Srimanthudu is designed in such a way that, Being a super rich guy, the character Harsha(Mahesh) do not hesitate in drinking tea in a Irani hotel. The character is so down to earth that , Harsha simply rides a bicycle to move to far places , being so rich.

Harsha character from childhood was always motivated by NRIs who have helped their villages .  The character has a good thought of returning his earnings to the society like Warren Brothers who give 30% of their earnings, Like Bill Gates who established a foundation for the society and Like Wipro Premji and others.

The movie has commercial elements at the same time it has lot of emotions, Heart touching scenes like adopting a village and How Harsha faces the challenges? . Srimanthudu is a film with just hero’s introduction fight, 5 songs and some punch dialogues , say the director.

The director claims that he has concentrated on dialogues which directly shoots on the minds of the audience and Mahesh Babu has delivered them at his best. He said,  Mahesh Babu is not just an actor , who is concerned with his character in the film. But his involvement in the film production begins right from day of listening the script till Dubbing of the film. Mahesh don’t act like a superstar on the sets, But whenever some dialogue goes wrong , he do not hesitate to give one more take. He is a perfectionist and very humorous person on the sets .  Srimanthudu has Larger than Life and Never Before family emotions and Nobody other than Mahesh Babu can do this role , says Koratala shiva.