Mahesh Babu has Bigger fan following than Pawan Kalyan

mahesh-pawanTollywood controversial director Ram Gopal Varma has picked up a new controversy over ‘ fan following  of two top heroes on twitter . He started comparing Pawan Kalyan with Mahesh babu to claim that Mahesh Babu has bigger fan following than Pawan  Kalyan.

Mahesh Babu joined twitter in April 2010 and has 1.57M followers while Pawan Kalyan has  joined twitter in January 2015 has 667k followers.  RGV point was that, Pawan has failed to educate his fans that he has twitter account and if a superstar like Pawan comes to twitter his fans should immediately follow him without any delay,says RGV.

RGV should understand the fact that, the ‘one’ who is more active on twitter will get more number of followers, is not just fans who follow the star, Even mega fans follows Mahesh Babu out of curiosity . For instance Samantha who joined February 2012 has 1.7M followers on twitter which is more than Mahesh Babu’s numbers, Can we say that  Samantha is more popular than Mahesh?.

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has 896k followers, is that means only 9 Lakhs out of 5 crore people of AP are  with Naidu ? … RGV should have put some brain before making such silly comments .