Mahesh Babu Happy for Mega Camp

mega-campIt is known fact that Superstar Mahesh Babu adopted the village named Burripalem and taken up several developmental works in the village.

Recently Mahesh’s birthday was celebrated in teh village. On this occasion, fans have set up various service programs in his name. These included medical camps and provided free treatment to the poor.

Mahesh’s posted a pic about the multi-specialty medical camp in Burripalam, the adopted village. He wrote ” Happy to know about the mega multi speciality health camp held in Burripalem yesterday. The camp led by Andhra Hospitals all specialities, including medicine, surgery, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, ENT & Dietitian covered awareness session & common health problems. Kudos to Dr. P.V. Rama Rao & his team for successfully conducting the 11th camp in the village. Thank you very much!”.

He said It was very happy to know that a mega medical camp was held in Burirripalem. He said that many illnesses and diseases have been developed. He Congratulated the hospital staff who carried out this. So far, 11 medical camps were conducted in the village.