Mahesh Babu fans open challenge to Pawan Kalyan

Fans are always fans  when it comes to records of their favourite heroes. Mahesh Babu  fans one step a head are very intelligent , tactical, hard to digest and vey different.

As reports say GabbarSingh on the edge to take over Dookudu position still Mahesh fans not in a mood to accept it. They raised a genuine reason which looks very valid to argue upon. Initially, When  GabbarSingh started its pwnage at boxoffice, they argued that paid reviews and paid news helped it to get openings,  After first weekend they started saying Gabbarsingh would be one more ‘Teenmaar’  and will  experience the fate as it is a average flick . After one week they came forword to compare with ‘Businessman’ and said, it would stay for just 2 weeks .

Now after second weekend they have come up with a very interesting valid point, They said Gabbarsingh records are not acceptable  as the movie is a remake movie, not a straight movie and its irrelevant to compare direct movies with dubbed one . They even throwed an open challenge ( in their so called forums) to Pawan Kalyan,  Asked him to come up and prove  with a straight movie and break the record until then all other previous records are official.