Mahesh Babu fans irritates Prakash Raj

prakashMahesh Babu‘s fans have shocked the actor Prakash Raj when he arrived on the dais of Bharat Ane Nenu pre-release event held in LB stadium in Hyderabad.

Anchor Suma invited him to the stage to speak about the film, Prakash Raj said that his two favourite actors are Tarak and Mahesh and very happy to see them together.

He said he was supposed to do Kotaala Shiva ‘Mirchi’ but due to call sheets he could not do the film. However, after seeing ‘Janata Garage’ and ‘Srimanthudu’, his respect for Koratala has doubled.

While Prakash Raj was speaking Mahesh fans irritated him shouting slogans ‘Father .. Father’.Prakash irritated tried to speak, but the shouts continued. Prakash Raj staged down with a smile, saying, ‘Who is it? what is the mess?. Anchor Suma followed Prakash Raj saying Fans are calling him father out of Love. Prakash Raj stepped out of the platform without looking back.