Mahesh Babu Fans and Charan Fans Clash Intensifies!!

With each passing day the temperatures seem to be rising between the fans of Mahesh Babu and Ram Charan. Now, another debate has risen between the two groups and the topic – who has bagged the bigger deal. It is known news that Mahesh has entered the national circuit with his cola ad.

But Charan fans strongly believe that it is his debut project in Bollywood ‘Zanjeer’ which is much heavier and significant than just a thirty second ad on TV channels. On the other hand, Mahesh Babu fans have already declared that Charan’s debut vehicle in Bollywood will turn out to be a dud.

They insist that the sixty second commercial has more value and impact than a three hour film which can go either ways at the box office. They also add that Mahesh is just warming up with the ad and gauging the situation before he takes the plunge into the big Bollywood. What are your thoughts on this folks.