Mahesh babu brother-in-law praises Chandrababu

mahesh-sudheerMahesh Babu’s brother in law, Sudheer Babu have all praises for Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for his efforts to build the new capital city Amaravati.

Sudheer said, In present day, its a big head for the government to go for a road widening , Gathering 33 thousand acres for building a capital is not a easy job. He also posted his Amaravti invitation card on social networking site.

He tweeted , Erojulo road widening cheyali ante govt ki talapranam thokaki vasthadhi(cont) Alantadhi 33 vela acres sapadhinchadam for the new capital.only possible becos it’s a win win situation for all n the brand @ncbn sir. (sic)