Mahesh Babu and Namrata get smarter

Mahesh Babu and wife Namrata Shirodkar are all set to enjoy a bundle of joy again. And this time the superstar couple has decided to offer a special welcome to their second issue by choosing to bank with CordLife for their baby’s stem cells.

Namrata has not only decided to bank her baby’s stem cells, but also decided to join hands with CordLife in spreading the awareness on the benefits of stem cell banking.

Mahesh is also a strong advocate for cord blood banking and has taken keen interest in deciding the brand to store their baby’s stem cells.

Speaking on the occasion the couple said, “We couldn’t be more happier banking for our baby’s stem cells.”

It is not just this couple, but various celebrities across India have chosen to bank their baby’s stem cells. This trend surely indicates the growing consciousness among couples towards stem cell banking. With tremendous potential in curing critical diseases, stem cell technology is the future of medical science. Stem cells extracted from the cord blood and cord blood tissue have been able to treat conditions like leukaemia, lymphoma, cerebral palsy and thalassemia major positively.

The technology is also being used to treat many other diseases.