Mahesh Babu agrees to sign Guaranteed bond for Spyder

rp_spyder1-300x169-1-300x169-1-300x169-1-300x169-1-300x169-1-300x169.jpgThe demand for Superstar Mahesh Babu’s next Spyder business rights is unprecedented but on a condition.

Dil Raju has already bought the movie’s rights for Nizam area for whopping Rs 26 Cr, highest amount for a Mahesh Babu. While Ceded rights were sold for 12 Cr and Andhra rights for 36 crores.

But all AP and Telangana distributors of Spyder are now demanding a guaranteed bond from Mahesh Babu and the Producers of the film before they pay the money.

Sources say Mahesh Babu has given green signal to sign the guaranteed bond if the film fails to fetch revenues at the box office. This is a good initiative from the actor.

As per the pressure from TN Distributors, Producers & Mahesh agreed to sign a bond claiming to return 70% back if Spyder fails at BO.

It is reported earlier that Pawan Kalyan also agreed to sign compensation bond for his upcoming film PSPK25 under Trivikram direction.