Mahesh Babu to act in his sister’s direction

maheshTollywood superstar Mahesh Babu agrees to do a film in future in the direction of her elder sister Manjula.

As part of promotions of Manjula’s first film as director, Manasuku Nachindi, Mahesh was the chief guest at the pre-release event held in Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad.

The producers of this film Swarup, P. Kiran, director Manjula Ghatmaneni, actors Sandeep Kishan, Katharina Amira Dastur and Manjula daughter Jayavi have participated in this program.

Superstar Mahesh Babu said, “I never thought that Manjula would be directing, but when I saw her writing something in the holidays, I thought I was writing a poetry but I did not think it would be a story for the movie. When I was told, I was shocked, I gave voice to the film and the visuals are very good, MAA Kiran’s Support & Guidance has been a big plus for the film and I hope the film will be a good hit and will make the film with my sister Manjula in the future. “