Maha Chandi homan at Manchu’s house

With nothing going right after release of Manchu Vishnu’s Denikaina Ready movie ofcourse the movie was a hit, still the after effects were so worse that Manchu family has to go for a homam to set right .

Hurting the sentiments of Brahmans,  Brahmans across the country cursed the Manchu family, Thus the family still fixed in court cases, their financial position still weak as the one more upcoming movie Gundello Godari still not seeing light of release. Thus family has decided to perform Maha Chandi Homam and give some danas to Brahmans. Telangana Brahmins already banned this family so, Chennai Brahmans were on duty to perform this homam.

Manchu Vishnu confirmed the news tweeting, “Started Maha Chandi homam today. Ari and Vivi sat through their first Puja for 30 minutes quietly and inquisitively.”