Madhushalini signs second Hindi flick

Madhushalini has been spending a lot of time in Mumbai. It might have something to do with a certain RGV. Before you jump to conclusions, here’s the khabar.

Buzz suggests that the actor has been signed up to star in a sequel of RGV’s horror flick “Bhoot”, the shooting of which is underway. When contacted Madhushalini, confessed to signing her second B-Town outing, while remaining tightlipped about other details. “Yes, I have signed my second Hindi project. I have started shooting for it as well. I’m very excited about it but I am afraid I cannot really reveal much about the movie as of now,” quips Madhushalini.

Rumors doing the rounds suggest that the actor has signed up to star in RGV’s sequel to the hit horror flick, ” Bhoot 2″. Dropping a hint, the actor says, “All I can say is that it is a very exciting role and it’s going to be a prestigious production.” Currently awaiting the release of her debut Hindi film, ” Department”, Madhushalini is looking forward to a successful Bollywood innings. “I’m really excited and eagerly looking forward to “Department” hitting the screens next month.”