Machu Laxmi making her father proud

Versatile actor and dialogue king Mohan Babuis a happy man today. And why wouldn’t he when his daughter Lakshmi Manchu is making him proud. The actor, who has more than 550 Telugu films to his credit, says with pride, “I have seen “Uoo Kodathara Ulukki Padathara”, Lakshmi’s second venture, and it’s amazing. All the artistes have done extremely well. I am actually more happy for the fact that my daughter’s character in the film is surprising; she has done a fabulous job.”
However, it’s not just the father-daughter connection that Mohan Babu has with this film. Though the actor is not in the movie, he has lent some of his precious possessions for it. The uyyala (swing) that Mohan Babu first used in “Pedarayudu”, way back in 1995, will now be seen in Lakshmi’s film. The swing which is a 100-year-old piece of architecture was gifted to Mohan Babu by an architect in 1992. “Pedarayudu” created a sensation in the Telugu film industry and now I am confident it will do the same in ” UKUP”,” he says.
Also, a silver chair that the actor’s wife Nirmala gifted him seven years back, when he completed 30 years of his film career, is used by Lakshmi in “UKUP”. “Both these items are very precious to me as I have a lot of sentiments attached to them,” Mohan Babu says. The actor also has words of praise for Balakrishna for accepting to play the role of Narasimha Rayudu.