MAA warns cut off Tollywood heroes tails

maaSenior actor and Movie Artist Association (MAA) president Shivaji Raja has expressed anger with the Tollywood heroes. The ‘Maa’ Silver Jubilee Program is going to be celebrated on April 28 in Dallas, USA. The press conference was held on Monday. Shivaji Raja thanked Balakrishna, Chiranjeevi, Mohan Babu, Mahesh Babu, Venkatesh, Nagarjuna and others who always cooperated with the association.

Shivaji Raja expressed his disappointment over heroines for not supporting the association. He said, He always urging heroes to cooperate with MAA. Two and three heroes are helping. Some are throwing their responsibilities on their managers.

He said Some heroes have been in the film industry for 30 years. MAA does not ask for money. If they come to the program, MAA will give them money. If the heroes cooperate with the ‘MAA’ association, MAA will put their photos on the walls and give appropriate recognition. If the heroes show their back, MAA ruthlessly cut off their tails, Maa doesn’t want them at all, “said Shivaji Raja.