MAA to slap defamation case on Tulasi for Joker remarks

tulasiMovie Artiste’s Association (MAA) is planning to send legal notices to actress Tulasi and also slap a defamation case against her for her “Joker” comments on MAA president Sivaji Raja.

Angered by her tweets, Sivaji Raja and MAA to take action against her. While Tulasi claims that the Twitter handle is not hers.

Earlier, A Twitter handle tulasi p a‏ @tulasipa tweeted “MAA president Sivaji Raja needs to act more responsible , Santosham Suresh stopped people n celebs from attending our Sankharabharanam awards. MAA president sivaji raja must be responsible for joining hands with Santosham Suresh , disgusting to stoop to such levels. Sivaji raja MAA president a joker #Trivikram. Sivaji raja MAA president a joker , forgets he is a junior to me n just an actor. Sivaji raja a joker n my junior must stop clowning with his so called post in MAA”(sic)