M S Reddy nominated for 2012 Nobel Peace Prize

M S Reddy nominated for 2012 Nobel Peace Prize

The Telugu Entrepreneurs Association (TEA) is proud to congratulate Dr. Reddy for being a proud nominee to receive 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.

The Telugu Entrepreneurs Association (TEA) had an immense pleasure of honoring Dr. Reddy as a chief guest in 2011 to give lecture and motivate Telugu community on how to foster entrepreneurship among in greater Dallas area and around the globe.

Dr. Reddy is the author of several books like Keys to Winning, A to Z of Success, etc. It is a proud movement for all members of Telugu Entrepreneurs Association (TEA) and all Indian professionals and Indian citizens living abroad and in India to know that Dr. M.S. Reddy (Dr. Malireddy Srinivasulu Reddy) has been nominated in excellent standing for 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.

The other outstanding nominees for 2012 Nobel Peace Prize from U.S. include former President Bill Clinton, Microsoft Chairman and the world’s richest man Bill Gates etc.

To be nominated, for the Nobel Peace Prize, the candidate must be outstanding, exceptional, well established, and well recognized all over the world and must have contributed throughout his life, significantly, to improve the quality of life of the people worldwide, peace in the world through reduction of conflicts among nations, reduction of hunger through improved food production etc.,.

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. M.S. Reddy, a billionaire scientist, who has contributed immensely to the world economy by over one trillion dollars through his scientific inventions, which had a significant impact to reduce the hunger, diseases, pollution, global warming, and human suffering in the world and thus to improve peace.

His recent one hour lecture on “how to become a billionaire businessman” presented at TEA business seminar at Dallas, Texas on October 29, 2011 is an all time hit in the U-Tube watched daily by people around the world.