Lokesh’s assets grow 23 times to Rs 330 cr in 5 months

rp_lokesh-300x225.jpgPrime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation has made TDP leader Nara Lokesh richer by 23 times.

According to the affidavit submitted by Lokesh along with nomination papers for MLC shows a increase of his wealth by 23 times.

His total assets were valued at 330 crores which include shares of Heritage foods worth 273.84 cr, Fixed assets 18 cr and Ancestral property 38.52 cr.

Earlier in October 2016, his total assets were shown as 14.5 cr including shares of Heritage foods worth 2.52 cr, Other company share 1.64 cr and and other assets.

In a span of five months his assets have grown from 14.5 cr to 330 crores. It becuase the Heritage owns just 3.65 percent of the Future Retail Ltd shares worth 295 cr.