Lokesh to replace Naidu ??

Time has come for Chandra Babu Naidu’s son  Lokesh  to  take a plunge into active politics and complete his fathers dream of 117 days Padayatra.

Though he caught some sort of media attention for the past six months for dabbling in politics, as being on and off in the politics, he has avoided the glare of spotlights and was off the centrestage.  In a bid to refurbish its image and regain some lost ground, the Telugu Desam Party president, N. Chandrababu Naidu embarked on a 117-day padayatra recently.

Many political analysts feel that Naidu’s perception is that his padayatra is the right launching-pad for his son Lokesh who has been waiting in the wings for some time now, to enter mainstream politics.

With Naidu (63) health deteriorating day by day ,chronic cramps in his legs which might make him completely disable in future . Lokesh might take up the Padayatra  and finish it. Naidu already completed 250km walk on his 17th day . by walking 20 km per day got tremendous response from public.

Lokesh would, in fact, seen interacting with the public in the padayatra as Naidu did. Naidu feels it would give his son an opportunity to strike a chord with the people, since he is a virtual non-entity. Once the people get familiar with Lokesh, Naidu is likely to give him an important position in the party.