Lokesh Conspiracy with media heads to defame Pawan Kalyan ?

rp_Naidu-and-Pawan-kalyan-lokesh-300x160-1-300x160.jpgJana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan who wished TDP chief minister Chandrababu Naidu on his birthday, calls him backstabber.

He said, He has supported TDP without expecting anything but CBN’s son and his media friends are trying assassinate them . For the past 6 months Lokesh and his media friends TV9, ABN, and other channels including social media are resorting to media rape .

For this they have spent 10 crores to drag him in unnecessary controversies and abusing my mother , repeat telecasting of abuses , conducting debates and again circulating it .

Pawan questioned CBN where is aware of his son Lokesh conspiracy with his friend Rajesh using Varma ( director) Sri City owner Srini Raju ( the one who gave 10 crores) TV9 Ravi Prakash (media designer) to defame his family.

It would be interesting to see whether Pawan Kalyan files a police case (with evidences ) on the accusations he levelled today on Srini Raju, RaviPrakash & Lokesh conspiracy.