Lokesh advise Pawan not to play dramas

jagan-pawanCriticising the Central government’s attitude towards AP special status, Telugu Desam Party took a bicycle tour.

On Friday, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu flagged off the bicycle yatra while many TDP leaders were accompanied by large TDP activists. Minister Lokesh was also bicycling, he gave an interview to a media organization and alleged that the Congress government went for the division of the state without people’s concern.

He said, Modi’s Sarkar apart from division guarantees included 18 items along with special status to AP, but even after four years, none of the promises is fulfilled. There is no mobility in the centre and they have waited patiently for the state.

He advised Pawan not to play dramas over Amravathi, He also said that he is ready for investigation on the allegations made by Pawan and Pawan remained silent till now.