Lok Satta party to quit from politics

loksattaLok Satta founder Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, takes a sensational decision of quitting the politics and his party will also stay away from elections.

Addressing the media, He said, The party will be away from elections,but still continue to work for political transformation and build people movements to strengthen the democracy.

Loksatta was formed with long term vision of political reforms towards nation building. We have seen that electoral politics have become an impediment in our journey to bring about a meaningful change. Loksatta has decided to rejuvenate itself as Loksatta 2.0, with the wisdom from the past two decades and a laser sharp focus back on its reform based agenda. Loksatta will step away from the electoral politics until the conditions are conducive for Loksatta brand of politics.
Loksatta party will continue to operate as a non-electoral movement for the time being.