Loafer Movie Review – Triggered Sentiment

loaferTitle: Loafer
Cast: Varun Tej, Disha patani, Revathi, Posani Krishna, Mukesh Rishi
story, dialogues, screenplay and direction: Puri Jagannadh
Producer: CV Rao, svetlana, Varun, Teja
Music: Sunil Kashyap
Telugu Square.com Rating : 2.75/5


Lakshmi (Revathi) hails from a million family, she eschews her property for a trustable person (Posani Krishna Murali) and later plans to get away from him after knowing that he is a Loafer along with her son Raja (Varun Tej) . But Posani picks up Raja and takes him to Jodhpur and raise him as a ‘Loafer’ . He convince his son saying that his mother had died suffering from Jaundice. Both of them earn money by theft and fraud .

Parijatham (Disha patani) flees from her family and lands in in Jodhpur to take shelter at her friends place after her family members try to fix her marriage . when she lands in Jodhpur , Posani steals her cell phone and Raja nabs her bag. Raja falls in love with Parijatham after two ar three interactions. Parijatham updates her Aunty about her love. In the meantime Parijatham family members locate her whereabouts and lands in Jodhpur. Raja gets shocked to see Parijatham’s Aunty . she is none other than Revathi , Raja mother .

Parijatham family members nabs fleeing Parijatham and her aunty in train. How Raja meets his mother and his Love ? , is the rest of the story.


For the first time Varun Tej has attempted a Mass kind of role , he showed maturity in his performance especially in sentiment scenes. In Action Sequences too, he tried to impress the mass audience. Revathi has proved once again that , she is the best option for mother’s role. She has impressed the audience in every scene with her experience in acting. Posani was good in Loafer kind of role. Mukesh Rishi played a full length Baddie role in the film. Ali , Brahmanandam , Satagiri and Dhanraj have entertained in to some extent in their roles.


After the film ‘Amma Nanna O Tamil ammayi’ , Director Puri Jagannath has touched the sentiment genre. After long gap a sentiment film Loafer has come from Puri’s school. The Dialogue in the film have impressed. Director Puri has successfully presented Varun tej as commerical star. Sunil Kashyap’s Music was not good. . There are no other memorable songs other than suvvi suvvalamma song. cinematography is very good, the hero introduction song, romantic songs and Fights Sequences were canned very interestingly.
Varun Tej has turned into complete commerical star after doing experimental films . Varun has chosen a perfect film for his commerical avatar. Although its a special film for Varun , On director point of view, its a regular film for Puri Jagan as you can see all the repeat elements of Puri’s previous films, especially the the fight sequence before the Interval Bang is similar to ‘Pokiri’ fight sequence. Many scenes resemble Puri’s previous films scenes. Puri Jagan has successfully elevated the commercials scenes and the sentiment scenes also. The movie may disappoint the mega audience but those who like Puri Jagan kind of filmmaking would get engaged with the film.
Plus points:

  • Revathi
  • Varun Tej acting
  • Dialogues
  • Cinematography

Minus Points:

  • Routine Taking
  • First Half
  • Comedy
  • Music

Overall Loafer as routine film for Puri and 1st commercial entetainer for Varun Tej

Verdict :

Average Film