Loafer Film Inside Talk

Varun-Tej-Loafer-censor-ReportAccording to Sources, Varun tej upcoming film Loafer is a above average film loaded with sentiment and less entertainment.

Differences between Posani Krishna Murali and his wife revathi lead to their breakup, Varun Tej is their son. After breakup Posani takes him to Jodhpur , where he turns into a Loafer.

He falls in love with Disha Patani, who gets kidnapped . In the meantime Varun recognises his mother and wants to stay with her. She puts a condition to save Disha Patani, who is her niece .

Mukesh Rishi Tends to be brother of Revathi , who wants Disha Patani to a rich guy. Ali plays the role of rich guy , who owns mines .

Bothe Ali and Brahmi will be seen in second half . The first halfs ends with good Interval bang and second half is reportedly filled with sentiment. Overall Loafer is a Above Average Film, says the source.