Lifetime sentenced for 3 accused in Naga Vaishnavi murder case

naga-vaishnaviThree accused in the sensational kidnap and murder case of 2010 – Naga Vaishnavi Brutal Murder Case were sentenced to life imprisonment by Vijayawada Women Sessions Court on Thursday.

Naga Vaishnavi’s killers get three life terms after 8 long years. The 10-year-old girl was kidnapped in broad daylight by killing her car driver and murdered on 10th Jan 2010 by 3 men that includes her uncle. Girl’s dad died of stroke after knowing she was dead.

P Naga Vaishnavi, the 10-year old daughter of Palagani Prabhakar Goud, a liquor trader and a BC leader in Vijayawada was kidnapped and murdered in a gruesome manner. Her body was burnt in an electrical blast furnace in an industrial unit in Auto Nagar in Guntur.

Around 79 witnesses produced by the prosecution were cross-examined along with 30 witnesses produced by the defence lawyers. The three accaused Morla Srinivas Rao, Jagadeesh, and Venkata Rao are planning to approach the Hyderabad High Court for further appeal.