Learn Martial arts to quit Drugs : Bhanu Chander

bhanu-chanderSenior actor Bhanu Chander commented on Drug addition of Tollywood actors and technicians and advised to learn Martial arts to live a healthy life.

He said He does not like an actor being addicted to drugs and it is very painful. He recalled his past saying that His life turned to disaster almost when he was addicted to drugs and had become a slave to drugs in the past.

But the martial arts and his brother’s inspiration helped him to get out of it. He later started a new life with martial arts and focusing on career. He said He earned a name in the film industry, only after quitting drugs.

He requested young people to take up martial arts and live a healthy life in a disciplined manner. He said Martial arts is the only solution to change the life. He urged young people not to become drug addicts and destroy their lives.