Leaked : Samrat to be eliminated from Bigg Boss 2 ?

bigbossEllamations of the Biggest Reality Big Boss season 2 became very interesting. Sanjana, Nutan Naidu, Kiriti, Bhanu Sri and Shyamala were among the 16 celebrities who are already eliminated.

Deepti Nallamotu, Role Rida, Samrat Reddy, Tanish and Tejasvi Madhavi are in the elimination zone this week. Who will be the eliminated after being nominated has become a hot topic.

The audience is eagerly waiting for the results. This week, the voting process for this elimination was not secretly done as it was leaked on the net. According to the leaked information, TV9 Deepti got the highest number of votes around 19470636 votes. Role followed her with 2044181 votes, while Tejeswini secured 1479371 votes in the third and Tanish with 1047163 votes in the fourth place. Samrat finished with 355937 votes.

This week’s weakest contestant is Samrat and he is likely to be eliminated if the leaked calculations are believed.