LBW Fame Siddhharth Wants To Be A Hero

Tell him that he looks good as a villain, Siddhu doesn’t agree he wants to be a hero. Siddhu who played the bad boy in LBW is playing a vital role in a Tamil movie Vallinam that has Nakul as the hero. He informs the film is moving briskly and another 30% is yet to be shot. It is directed by Arivazhagan who made Vaishali. Meanwhile he did a guest role in the recently released SMS, “I come in the climax. All those who saw the film appreciated my work.”

Isn’t his career moving very slowly? “I did get offers but all as the second lead. If I do one such role I run a risk of getting similar characters afterwards. My intention is to play the lead role, looks like my wait paid off.”

Newcomer Vasanth, who worked as an associate director in Orange and Kotha Bangaru Lokam is directing him, the shooting will begin soon.