Lawrence turns nightmare for Prabhas Fans!

Music is beautiful and a typical art form which doesn’t come that easily. It needs alot of hard work and dedication. One can’t learn any kind of music in a single day and it needs years of practice to master the form. Some immature people think that music is nothing but beating drums and loud shouting. If we observe the trends in music and compare the songs of 80’s with those coming now-a-days, we find a lot of change. We could clearly hear the lyrics along with a ear soothing background music in 80’s but now, we could only hear those paining drum sounds and finding lyrics is a big question in this current modern age.

People compose tunes even without minimum knowledge of music. Choreographer turned director Raghava Lawrence also comes into this list. This director has shown his new avatar as music director with the movie ‘Style’ then composed music for Nagarjuna’s ‘Don’. Now, Lawrence is coming up with his latest directorial ‘Rebel’ starring Prabhas, Tamanna and Deeksha Seth. Apart from directing, he’s also composing music for the film.

If we observe his songs, we can hear only drum sounds and it is difficult to find the value of lyrics. Another blunder of Lawrence is that, he gave chance to his assistants for writing the lyrics in ‘Style.’ There are too many illiterate people in his batch and how can they pen lyrics? This is not the mistake of Lawrence and it is the mistake of only his producers who are encouraging him in doing all these stupid things.

Lawrence may be talented but how can he compose tunes without basic knowledge. He himself should question once on whether he is capable of doing so else this could be one more terror time for Prabhas Fans specially.