Lawrence Torturing Tamanna for Wet Song!

With each passing day, this director turned choreographer is writing a page for himself in the bad-books of Telugu cinema. Here comes latest news of his torture to ‘Milku Milku Silaka’!
Sexy starlet Tamanna is coming up with three big flicks to make the hot summer much hotter. Other than Ramcharan’s ‘Racha’, Tamanna has Ram’s ‘Endukantey Premanta’ and Prabhas’ ‘Rebel’ in the pipeline. Buzz is that after watching the trailers of ‘Racha’ songs, Lawrence has decided to use Tamanna’s oomph to a maximum extent and is now planning to do a rain song with Prabhas-Tamanna. After watching red-hot Tamanna and her wet milky moves in ‘Vaana.. Vaana..’ song, there is no doubt that every man gets excited with sensations flowing all over his body.
But, the fact here is d Rebel’s songs were already shot and there is no scope for one more hot song rather replacing an existing one. Our sexy girl is also running out of dates for this flick and producers are already crying with the over-shot budget. Looks like this is the last film for Lawrence as a director in Tollywood!