Law student gang raped by 8 !

A second-year law student from Nepal, studying at National Law School of India University (NLSIU), was allegedly sexually assaulted by a gang of eight miscreants near Bangalore University premises on Saturday night at around 9.30 pm.

The 22-year-old woman was strolling with her boyfriend Nirmal Kumar, an employee at a technology firm, on a desolate stretch between the law institution and the BU campus when they were stopped by miscreants.

The miscreants first demanded money and valuables from them. But when Nirmal told them that he had left his wallet in his car, they asked him to fetch it. But they insisted on keeping the girl with them until he returned. Nirmal, leaving his girlfriend alone, ran back to get his wallet. But on returning, he found that the miscreants had vanished with his girlfriend.

Nirmal then rushed back to the campus and told a constable about the abduction. The two then launched a search.

Deputy commissioner of police (West) SN Sidaramappa said that Nirmal and the constable located the woman 4 km away, in a forested area adjoining the Jnanabharathi campus over an hour later. Her clothes were in tatters, but no physical injuries were evident on her, he said.

In her complaint to Jnanabharathi police station, she alleged that she had been sexually assaulted.