Latest Survey: TDP to sweep 2014 elections

Generally, Political Surveys play vital role in presenting the mood of the votes at election time. But political parties are conducting political surveys before one year to find their fates.One such survey is instigated to find voter pulse, A survey organisation named CRV conducted a political survey to find voters pulse.According to Survey, None of the party will get majority in next general elections .

  • Telugu Desam -124
  • YSRC-74
  • TRS -42
  • Congress-34
  • MIM-7
  • BJP-4
  • CPI-1
  • CPM-3

This survey has became a hot topic among political circles , even MP’s in Parliament Central Hall had a debate oin this survey, Knowing about this survey, Jagan party as damage control measure published a fake survey results with hours without given proper details about their survey said

YSRC-177, TDP-36, TRS-34, Congress-36, MIM-7,CPI-1,CPM-3.

While TRS announced that it woul win 75 MLA seats and 11 MP seats according to there own survey.