Lands in AP will get Unique ID Bhudhar

bhudharThe AP government is going to introduce a new unique ID ‘Bhudhar’ to the people on the lines Aadhaar to identify Lands owned . It is intended to give a unique identity number for public and private assets. This will be an integral part of the ‘E-progress’ program. It has been decided primarily to run in the state with a combination of various specialties in the country. Krishna district was chosen as the launch center. The prominent IT company ‘Wipro’ will provide support for this project.

Bhudhar is an 11-digit Unique ID combines India’s biometric citizen ID Aadhar with land titles – Bhumi means land in most Indian languages. The Bhudhar project matches surveys on the ground with satellite imagery for verification.

Eventually , once a Bhudhar number is assiagned to a piece of land and its owner, it can be used for updating records and all other transactions. The next move for e-governance is blockchain, starting with land records.

Bhudhar will be implemented not just to farm lands but also in towns, panchayats and cities, small private property lands and government lands. Bhudhar starts with 28 number digit. This is the code number given by the Indian government for AP state.