Lakshmi Manchu’s linguistic expertise

The Telugu actress who had never spoken so much Hindi in her life speaks about her Bollywood debut.

2012 is a significant year for Lakshmi Manchu for the Telugu actress will make her foray into the Tamil and Hindi film industry as well with Mani Ratnam’s Kadal and Ram Gopal Varma’s Department respectively.

Ask her about any linguistic barriers and she says, “I believe acting is a universal emotion and if you are prepared for the role there are no barriers as such. I have played different roles in different languages and worked enough from my part. It is only for people who are not well-prepared and come on the sets without understanding the meaning of their lines or simply lip-sync their dialogues that it appears difficult”.

However Lakshmi adds that working on her first Hindi feature film was quite an experience, especially since she didn’t know much of the language than just to manage to get an auto. “It is my first Hindi film. I never had spoken so much Hindi in my life. Most was getting an auto while bunking college”, she signs off.