Lagadapati desperate attempts to meet Naidu

High tension prevailed in Vijayawada as both the TDP and the Congress held dharnas, protesting against each other’s stand on the proposed flyover at the Kanaka Durga temple. After the TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu announced his decision to stage Maha Dharna, Congress local MP Lagadapati Raja Gopal has also announced his decision to stage a counter dharna.

Lagadapati, owner of the real estate giant Lanco group, has announced that he would meet Naidu to learn engineering techniques from him. When he sought police permission to meet the TDP chief, they denied it. However, when Naidu started his dharna on Monday morning, Lagadapati tried to meet him in vain. TDP workers have prevented Lagadapati to proceed towards Naidu. He tried to tell the TDP workers that he would only explain to Naidu how construction of the flyover at the moment was unviable.

Lagadapati has staged a dharna at the Potti Sri Ramulu statue and sought to meet Naidu there. However, police have diverted the convoy of Naidu and taken him to Kummaripalem. TDP workers have also reached the place in large number. On knowing that Naidu has changed the venue and reached Kummaripalem, Lagadapati tried to go there. However, police have stopped him at the Ashoka pillar.The mercurial MP then hopped into a 108 ambulance and tried to proceed to Kammaripalem. But police have spoiled that attempt also.

Lagadapati has managed to reach Kammaripalem after some time along with his supporters and tried to rush towards the ‘Maha Dharna’ of Naidu. He was prevented by the TDP workers there. Police denied permission even to allow Lagadapati and two others to meet Naidu as requested by him. He tried in vain to explain to the police that he would explain the developmental work Congress has undertaken. Still police have not allowed him.

Lagadapati told the media that he was only trying to explain to the TDP chief why fly over could not be constructed at the present juncture. He said he would personally bear the entire cost of the flyover, if Naidu convinces him that construction of fly over was possible now.