KVP shoots 3 questions to Naidu on Polavaram

kvpCongress MP KVP Ramachandra Rao wrote an open letter to AP Chief Minister Chandrababu on the construction of Polavaram project. He criticized the state government’s intention of not cooperating with the Polavaram Project Authority.

KVP said that there are many reasons for the project to come into the hands of the Chandrababu and criticized him for using State budget funds, in turn putting the burden of people of the state.

He alleged that Naidu has put aside the state benefits for his personal interest. He asked the AP government for revised estimates, transfer of assets and liabilities, but, it had not transferred them.

KVP shoots 3 questions to Naidu on Polavaram

Why had he not submitted the Polavaram revised estimates at the current price?

Why did he ask the Centre to treat this project as a normal project under AIBP?

Why he had accepted the Centre’s condition that it would bear only expenses on Polavaram as per the estimates of April 1, 2014 ?.